World Famous Pink Bunny Poker Auction won by Online Casino

Try to find out which online casino was willing to pay somebody $15,100 to dress in a pink bunny suite at the 2005 World Series of Poker? If your answer is the Golden Palace, then you have deduced properly. I expect you didn’t even have to think long about this one. We all have been familiarized to their extremely amusing promotional antics by now that nothing could actually shock us anymore. The online casino has been dragging out all the stops doing one crazy thing after another. Lately, we have observed everything from naming babies and monkeys after the online casino to purchasing the alleged pregnancy kit of Britney Spears. These commercial tactics have to work, which is why the Golden Palace has been able to keep its status as one of the most popular online casinos for so long.

Jeremy Enke, one of the important promoters in the online casino industry, auctioned himself on eBay, promising to wear a pink bunny suite that promotes the winning bidder´s company logo at its front. Of course, the marketing geniuses over at the Golden Palace couldn’t pass up on the chance to get their online casino some air-time at the biggest poker event of the year. On his part, Enke has promised that he would pay for the $10,000 WSOP buy-in from his own pocket, and that he would wear the suit to some of Las Vega´s hot-spots in an effort to promote the winner. Enke is also going to write about his experiences at the Golden Palace´s website, additionally to a special Blog that was set up particularly, called the Pink Bunny Poker.

Surprisingly enough, command for the “The World Famous Pink Bunny Poker Auction” started at a stingy 1 cent. It ended with the Golden Palace´s winning bid of $15,100. This is not the first time that the online casino employs people as add space. Not too long ago, the Golden Palace paid a pregnant woman to tattoo their logo on her abdomen, and another guy to do the same on his forehead. Though, their latest advertising feat takes it to a whole other level. Think of the huge exposure that the online casino is going to get as a consequence of that. Millions of people are going to be stack to their TV watching the WSOP on ESPN every night. You got to give them a lot of credit for their brilliant marketing strategy. It seems that not a week goes by that the Golden Palace is not making headlines.

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