Player Joins Powers with Online Casino

A member of the original “Bad Boys”, Dennis Rodman, is one of the most multicolored individuals to have ever played professional basketball. Rodman has lately settled to partake in a contest sponsored by the Golden Palace Online Casino. Now that his playing days are over, Rodman has become more well-known for his escapades off the court than the ones on the court. This fits the invoice completely for the Golden Palace who can be viewed as a bit eccentric themselves, as far as online casinos are concerted. What separates this online casino from all others is their innovative advance when it comes to promoting their website. This strategy has clearly paid off, given their huge attractiveness.

In its latest try, the online casino has arranged to sponsor the 2005 world wife-carrying championships. Rodman, who has developed a separate taste to wearing women clothing over current years, will have to in fact carry a woman on his back for the reason of participating in the competition, which will be held on July 2nd in Finland. Participants will race in an obstacle course 253.5 meters long, while having to carry either their spouse, or somebody else’s wife on their back. The woman has to be over 17 and she can’t weigh less than 49 kilos. Among others, the winning pair will be awarded with a heavy provide of beer (corresponding of the wife’s weight), curtsey of the online casino.

Rodman began his carrier in Detroit where he won back to back titles with the pistons. Rodman´s second stop was in San Antonio where he lasted for two seasons. Rodman final pit stop at the NBA was with the Chicago Bulls, where he gets back his reputation as one of the league´s best defenders and rebounders, helping the Bulls win three straight titles at the late nineties. It is only appropriate that Rodman would signify the Golden Palace. His public persona captures the core of what this online casino announces to propose, which is the wildest, most exciting gambling experience available on the web.

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