Malta recognizes online casinos standards

Online casinos from the whole world have observed a rise in traffic from the sporty gamer to the more dire-hard player in the online entertainment gambling industry. That is why, they are going to ensure better security and the best standards across the board in order to compete with other best known online casinos in the industry.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) and independent online casinos controlling organization eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (Ecogra) have lately agreed to collaborate further in chase for the gamer protection measures at online casinos.

This agreement appears along with particular conditions, however the common objective is gamer protection at online casinos and agreeing to standards regulating online casinos and form a secure game play environment at online casinos in the virtual world.

Due to certain new conditions, the LGA has also agreed that operators that use software provided by eCOGRA members, and that is subject to eCOGRA’s principles and the methods of testing, will not be necessary to handle to further review and controlling procedures needed for the award of a Malta online casinos license. The LGA will carry on its own strategy in conducting due diligence investigations on all online casinos players in order to decide on their appropriateness as licensees and to review other proper areas addressing the gambler protection and responsible operator conduct at Internet casinos.

The findings result from the investigations carried out by the LGA in a search for best possible testing and operational systems at Internet casinos. Malta is a full member of the European Union.

The cooperation of Internet casinos will perhaps apply to a broad range of Internet casinos and poker rooms, encompassing a considerable proportion of the available business. Malta numbers 71 online casinos as licensees, and there are currently 76 main online venues carrying the eCOGRA “Play It Safe” seal.

In the future, the websites will collaborate further order to make sure that gamer disputes are heard fairly, independently and within a rational timeframe. The LGA has its own compliance and disputes officer and eCOGRA provides a dedicated dispute mediation service through its Fair Gaming Advocate.

In his statement, Mario Galeo, the CEO whis in charge of Malta licensing, informed that he is satisfied with the agreement reached with eCOGRA and looks forward to close collaboration and communication in the interest of creating better conditions in the online gaming industry.

Galeo also said, “We share a common objective in seeking to ensure that the gambler is offered fair gaming and professional, courteous service by casinos and poker rooms that are licensed and controlled by our respective bodies.” Galeo added, “We look forward to a closer working relationship that benefits both the gamer and the industry in the future.”

Andrew Beveridge of ECOGRA also commented that he was pleased with the fact that LGA had approved of the testing procedures. He also said, “eCOGRA is interested in interacting with any jurisdiction sharing our values and we regard this closer relationship with the LGA as a considerable step toward reliable global regulation for secure online gaming.”

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