Investors Remain Interested in Online Casinos

Each day, nearly two million poker players spend time at online casinos and start the game. Therefore, due to the fact that the interest in online casinos develops, investors have become more keen on the increasing popularity of the Internet gaming industry.

Over seventy per cent of gamblers who visit online casinos are the citizens of the United States, and the latest article in the American weekly Newsweek demonstrated that the serious investor interest in online casinos is actually increasing.

According to Newsweek, due to the attention Internet casinos have obtained via crucial media outlets, the investment possibility is wonderful. The World Series of Poker on ESPN and the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel, in the United States, have made poker a popular “sporting event” discussed at water coolers in businesses all over the continent of America. With the increase in TV popularity has come the increase in online casinos.

There are around three hundred most important Internet casinos that tout poker specially on the Internet, and business is booming. Shares of Internet casinos are on the increase on the London Stock Exchange, where the best known online casinos located in Gibraltar and other nations are traded.

Newsweek informed that other online casinos will in the nearest future follow the Internet casinos that have already offered their companies to the public at low share prices, and that investing in gambling industry will soon become much more common.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nevertheless, in spite of this constant interest in Internet casinos, online poker is constantly technically against the American law.

Nevertheless, as the online casinos keep on collecting money, the American government has yet to really implement its anti-gambling regulations.

According to lawyer Anthony Cabot, located in Las Vegas, where online casinos meet land-based casinos as a gaming haven for bettors all over the world, “Everybody is comfortable that the American government do not intend to take any implementation action.”

Further in the article, The Newsweek explains very precisely the legal, tax, and operational ramifications and intricacies of the industry, particularly the offshore companies that have invested millions of dollars in operating Internet casinos from Caribbean islands and other un-taxed places all over the world.

According to the research firm Christiansen Capital Advisors, the revenues from Internet poker have increased from $83 million in 2001 to over $2 billion at present, and this amount will obviously double by 2005.

American investors will obviously look to new online poker and Internet gambling IPOs in the future due to the great opportunity for a windfall. According to Nigel Parson, a research analyst in London, “This is not like the dot-com possibilities of the past, this spews out cash like you have never seen.”

With so great popularity and high profits, the Internet gaming industry is achieving success. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are engaged in forthcoming IPOs in the industry. Investing has reached an all-time high and keeps on increasing. However, regulation risks still remain.

Still, due to the fact that millions of gamblers carry on splashing the pots online, the games will keep on flowing. So will the cash.

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