World Famous Pink Bunny Poker Auction won by Online Casino

Try to find out which online casino was willing to pay somebody $15,100 to dress in a pink bunny suite at the 2005 World Series of Poker? If your answer is the Golden Palace, then you have deduced properly. I expect you didn’t even have to think long about this one. We all have been familiarized to their extremely amusing promotional antics by now that nothing could actually shock us anymore. The online casino has been dragging out all the stops doing one crazy thing after another. Lately, we have observed everything from naming babies and monkeys after the online casino to purchasing the alleged pregnancy kit of Britney Spears. These commercial tactics have to work, which is why the Golden Palace has been able to keep its status as one of the most popular online casinos for so long.

Jeremy Enke, one of the important promoters in the online casino industry, auctioned himself on eBay, promising to wear a pink bunny suite that promotes the winning bidder´s company logo at its front. Of course, the marketing geniuses over at the Golden Palace couldn’t pass up on the chance to get their online casino some air-time at the biggest poker event of the year. On his part, Enke has promised that he would pay for the $10,000 WSOP buy-in from his own pocket, and that he would wear the suit to some of Las Vega´s hot-spots in an effort to promote the winner. Enke is also going to write about his experiences at the Golden Palace´s website, additionally to a special Blog that was set up particularly, called the Pink Bunny Poker.

Surprisingly enough, command for the “The World Famous Pink Bunny Poker Auction” started at a stingy 1 cent. It ended with the Golden Palace´s winning bid of $15,100. This is not the first time that the online casino employs people as add space. Not too long ago, the Golden Palace paid a pregnant woman to tattoo their logo on her abdomen, and another guy to do the same on his forehead. Though, their latest advertising feat takes it to a whole other level. Think of the huge exposure that the online casino is going to get as a consequence of that. Millions of people are going to be stack to their TV watching the WSOP on ESPN every night. You got to give them a lot of credit for their brilliant marketing strategy. It seems that not a week goes by that the Golden Palace is not making headlines.

Online Casino Deposit System

For you to play for money at an online casino, you have to firstly deposit some into your online casino account. A lot of people are nervous about gambling at online casinos because they are frightened to use their credit cards online. Though, is it actually that much safer to give your credit card number to someone you doing know over the phone or by fax? Anyways, the reason of this article is by no means to argue the safety of using credit cards online, but as an alternative to propose an option for those who favor not to use them and still want to be able to gamble at an online casino.

There are additional ways for you to deposit money into your online casino account that don’t engage using credit cards. On some examples, you could use checks and money orders, but it frequently takes a while for the money to come into view in your online casino account. Though, there is a much better and quicker way where you don’t have to wait any time. This option deposit system is called 900Pay. All you need in order to use 900Pay is a working phone line.

After logging on to the online casino, just select 900Pay as your favored billing system from the Cashier or Banking section, and enter the amount you wish to deposit. The charges will emerge on your phone bill as “NAVAHONTWRKS”. There is no attention on the charges, nor are there any hidden fees or long distance charges. At present, 900Pay services are only valid in the US.

Player Joins Powers with Online Casino

A member of the original “Bad Boys”, Dennis Rodman, is one of the most multicolored individuals to have ever played professional basketball. Rodman has lately settled to partake in a contest sponsored by the Golden Palace Online Casino. Now that his playing days are over, Rodman has become more well-known for his escapades off the court than the ones on the court. This fits the invoice completely for the Golden Palace who can be viewed as a bit eccentric themselves, as far as online casinos are concerted. What separates this online casino from all others is their innovative advance when it comes to promoting their website. This strategy has clearly paid off, given their huge attractiveness.

In its latest try, the online casino has arranged to sponsor the 2005 world wife-carrying championships. Rodman, who has developed a separate taste to wearing women clothing over current years, will have to in fact carry a woman on his back for the reason of participating in the competition, which will be held on July 2nd in Finland. Participants will race in an obstacle course 253.5 meters long, while having to carry either their spouse, or somebody else’s wife on their back. The woman has to be over 17 and she can’t weigh less than 49 kilos. Among others, the winning pair will be awarded with a heavy provide of beer (corresponding of the wife’s weight), curtsey of the online casino.

Rodman began his carrier in Detroit where he won back to back titles with the pistons. Rodman´s second stop was in San Antonio where he lasted for two seasons. Rodman final pit stop at the NBA was with the Chicago Bulls, where he gets back his reputation as one of the league´s best defenders and rebounders, helping the Bulls win three straight titles at the late nineties. It is only appropriate that Rodman would signify the Golden Palace. His public persona captures the core of what this online casino announces to propose, which is the wildest, most exciting gambling experience available on the web.

Gaming Buys Two Extra Online Casinos

Private fairness finance by the name of Rising Star Gaming is rapidly positioning itself as a true up-and-coming star in the online casino industry. Their field is purchasing, financing and administration of online gaming properties, with online casino websites. Lately, they have been able to add another two online casinos, with the achievement of the Magic Gold Casino and the Express Poker Casino. In addition, they have also employed the Cyber Success Group, which is a partner marketing company that concentrates in promoting online gambling venues, to handle the commercial for their latest acquisitions.

Although both Magic Gold Casino and the Express Poker Casino are moderately new to online casino landscape, they have been able to enlarge a strong fan-base for themselves. The Magic Gold Casino offers Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Specialty Games, and Progressives. On the other hand, the Express Poker Casino caters specifically to online casino poker players, proposing almost every deviation of poker you could think of, with Texas Hold’em, Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud & 7 Hi/Lo, Guts Poker, Chinese Poker, Big 2 Poker, Pan, and even Blackjack.

Rising Star Gaming is determined to make a name for themselves as one of the exhibition area players in the online gambling market. They have goal on accumulating superiority benefits in a remarkable velocity. About two months ago, they got the Hampton Casino and Portofino Casino, two well-established and popular online casinos. With their latest accompaniments, Rising Star Gaming now operates four online casino websites.

Large Casino Takes Over Two Others in a Multi Million Dollar Deal

Internet casinos are generally infamous for becoming monopolies because one buys out the other. The $100 million deal concerning Stanley Leisure casinos has been closed and is ready to roll. This great contract meaning the joining of Westcliffe Sporting Club, Spielers and the Triangle Casino in this multi million dollar deal.

The agreement appears at a time when Internet casinos have realized the benefit of bringing together a lot of casinos as a networking method to boost revenue. Internet casinos that merge are at an advantage due to the fact that they roll in the revenue from various online casinos into one Internet casinos web site.

The Stanley Deal needed at first to take care of the bought online casinos debts which is estimated to be around ten million dollars. The contract was concluded on the basis that the Stanley corporation take charge of the Internet casinos outstanding debt and the Stanley Corporation did not seem to have trouble doing it on the basis that they were due to generate high revenue. Westcliff and Spielers had already been in connection with each other due to the fact that they were separate online casinos in terms of licensing, however they were operating out of the same web site.

The action of bringing together online casinos has been estimated by economist Mathew Bronxie to be the crucial method of increasing Internet casinos revenues. According to Bronxie, due to the fact that Internet casinos are frequently faced with bankruptcy, joining online casino is the cleverest business to do.

Stanley Leisure Casino is infamous for its increasing principles and with $00 million dollars to spare in terms of expanding its enterprise, a lot of Internet casinos are worried about what that would mean for their own Internet casino revenues. Stanley Leisure also enjoys having a good name among online casinos gamblers and it is always recognized as a monopolist; purchasing the best branches and establishing itself as an enterprise.

Since this latest sale, two other Internet casinos have been observed as asking Stanley Leisure to sign them on to the deal. Nevertheless, it seems obvious that Stanley Leisure has enough on its plate and is keen only on what it already has obtained. All Internet casinos look at this example and are assessing their revenue intake and what they are able to do to increase their own online casino revenue using Stanley as an example of what is successful.

The coming together of this venture is making the gambling world curious in terms of what will happen in the future? What will be the future of the Stanley enterprise and what does it mean for the gambling industry at large? Will other casinos follow suit and will provincial casinos also come together to create greater, stronger ventures that roll in more revenue? Or can this be regarded as a mistake on behalf of Stanley? We will see; as of right now, the deal is concluded and we can only wait to find out what is happening next not only for this enterprise but for the gambling industry at large. This has been an example of a good deal!

Investors Remain Interested in Online Casinos

Each day, nearly two million poker players spend time at online casinos and start the game. Therefore, due to the fact that the interest in online casinos develops, investors have become more keen on the increasing popularity of the Internet gaming industry.

Over seventy per cent of gamblers who visit online casinos are the citizens of the United States, and the latest article in the American weekly Newsweek demonstrated that the serious investor interest in online casinos is actually increasing.

According to Newsweek, due to the attention Internet casinos have obtained via crucial media outlets, the investment possibility is wonderful. The World Series of Poker on ESPN and the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel, in the United States, have made poker a popular “sporting event” discussed at water coolers in businesses all over the continent of America. With the increase in TV popularity has come the increase in online casinos.

There are around three hundred most important Internet casinos that tout poker specially on the Internet, and business is booming. Shares of Internet casinos are on the increase on the London Stock Exchange, where the best known online casinos located in Gibraltar and other nations are traded.

Newsweek informed that other online casinos will in the nearest future follow the Internet casinos that have already offered their companies to the public at low share prices, and that investing in gambling industry will soon become much more common.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, nevertheless, in spite of this constant interest in Internet casinos, online poker is constantly technically against the American law.

Nevertheless, as the online casinos keep on collecting money, the American government has yet to really implement its anti-gambling regulations.

According to lawyer Anthony Cabot, located in Las Vegas, where online casinos meet land-based casinos as a gaming haven for bettors all over the world, “Everybody is comfortable that the American government do not intend to take any implementation action.”

Further in the article, The Newsweek explains very precisely the legal, tax, and operational ramifications and intricacies of the industry, particularly the offshore companies that have invested millions of dollars in operating Internet casinos from Caribbean islands and other un-taxed places all over the world.

According to the research firm Christiansen Capital Advisors, the revenues from Internet poker have increased from $83 million in 2001 to over $2 billion at present, and this amount will obviously double by 2005.

American investors will obviously look to new online poker and Internet gambling IPOs in the future due to the great opportunity for a windfall. According to Nigel Parson, a research analyst in London, “This is not like the dot-com possibilities of the past, this spews out cash like you have never seen.”

With so great popularity and high profits, the Internet gaming industry is achieving success. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are engaged in forthcoming IPOs in the industry. Investing has reached an all-time high and keeps on increasing. However, regulation risks still remain.

Still, due to the fact that millions of gamblers carry on splashing the pots online, the games will keep on flowing. So will the cash.

Malta recognizes online casinos standards

Online casinos from the whole world have observed a rise in traffic from the sporty gamer to the more dire-hard player in the online entertainment gambling industry. That is why, they are going to ensure better security and the best standards across the board in order to compete with other best known online casinos in the industry.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (LGA) and independent online casinos controlling organization eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (Ecogra) have lately agreed to collaborate further in chase for the gamer protection measures at online casinos.

This agreement appears along with particular conditions, however the common objective is gamer protection at online casinos and agreeing to standards regulating online casinos and form a secure game play environment at online casinos in the virtual world.

Due to certain new conditions, the LGA has also agreed that operators that use software provided by eCOGRA members, and that is subject to eCOGRA’s principles and the methods of testing, will not be necessary to handle to further review and controlling procedures needed for the award of a Malta online casinos license. The LGA will carry on its own strategy in conducting due diligence investigations on all online casinos players in order to decide on their appropriateness as licensees and to review other proper areas addressing the gambler protection and responsible operator conduct at Internet casinos.

The findings result from the investigations carried out by the LGA in a search for best possible testing and operational systems at Internet casinos. Malta is a full member of the European Union.

The cooperation of Internet casinos will perhaps apply to a broad range of Internet casinos and poker rooms, encompassing a considerable proportion of the available business. Malta numbers 71 online casinos as licensees, and there are currently 76 main online venues carrying the eCOGRA “Play It Safe” seal.

In the future, the websites will collaborate further order to make sure that gamer disputes are heard fairly, independently and within a rational timeframe. The LGA has its own compliance and disputes officer and eCOGRA provides a dedicated dispute mediation service through its Fair Gaming Advocate.

In his statement, Mario Galeo, the CEO whis in charge of Malta licensing, informed that he is satisfied with the agreement reached with eCOGRA and looks forward to close collaboration and communication in the interest of creating better conditions in the online gaming industry.

Galeo also said, “We share a common objective in seeking to ensure that the gambler is offered fair gaming and professional, courteous service by casinos and poker rooms that are licensed and controlled by our respective bodies.” Galeo added, “We look forward to a closer working relationship that benefits both the gamer and the industry in the future.”

Andrew Beveridge of ECOGRA also commented that he was pleased with the fact that LGA had approved of the testing procedures. He also said, “eCOGRA is interested in interacting with any jurisdiction sharing our values and we regard this closer relationship with the LGA as a considerable step toward reliable global regulation for secure online gaming.”

Online Casinos in American

Playing at Internet casinos is licensed in more than eighty countries all over the world, however in the United States, it is still regarded as an illegal activity, although nearly 80 per cent of all Internet casinos gamblers play from the United States. That’s why nearly all Internet casinos, based their transactions offshore, which makes it more difficult for the American Justice Department to ‘catch’ them. In spite of the fact that these offshore Internet casinos fall outside the American regulations, it is still not legal for them to advertise in American media.

This does not seem to prevent a lot of Internet casinos from constant attempts to run their adverts in American magazines and newspapers. The United States is trying to prevent this from taking place by forcing the magazines to realize that they are taking part in the illegal activities of the Internet casinos if they place any advertisements, which makes them responsible and liable for penalty.

To give a good example, the US Justice Department, made a decision about penalizing the co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen. It leaked in the press that Allen’s Sporting News, made a $7.2 million agreement with the feds to be able to promote offshore Internet casinos by running advertisements in its magazine, radio network and website. The Justice Department informed that this agreement ran for three years. In the dubious settlement, Sporting News did not admitted or denied to be legally liable.

The American Attorney’s office in St. Louis, Missouri, has been endeavoring to win the fight against the advert of Internet casinos in the United States for the last few years, with some tiny successes. In June 2003, The Justice Department dispatched letters to individual magazines together with a letter to the Magazine Publishers of America, reminding them that publishing adverts of Internet casinos is against the law. This action was sensibly effective, and various media companies became worried, and ceased advertising.

Sporting News is not the first media company that has been seriously scrutinized on grounds of publishing illicit adverts of Internet casinos, however it is the first magazine that was punished on these grounds. On Thursday, the Sporting News paid a $4.2 million fine and will make up for the further 3 million dollars with a three-year series of public service adverts.

A unit of Hearst, Esquire, puts a lot of adverts of offshore Internet casinos in April, May and June last year. Nevertheless, after the pressure of the FBI, Esquire decided to quit running any more adverts. Another media company that ran advertisements for Internet casinos for a while is Trader Monthly. The spokesman of the US Attorney’s office did not acknowledge or deny whether there were any other media companies being inspected.

Esquire spokesman informed that the company is no longer under the scrutiny, due to the fact that it run any advertisements of Internet casinos, since last June.

The US Attorney Catherine Hanaway from St. Louis, is convinced that the media companies that carry on placing adverts of Internet casinos, in spite of the illegality of the issue, have to be taught a lesson.

Battle against online gambling

Imagine the following situation: You enter a web site, download a necessary program and register with the web site. Several minutes later, you are sitting at a virtual poker table, happily playing Texas Hold ‘Em.

You start playing with real money. You have paid for virtual betting chips by an escrow service. Then, if you have good luck and win, your account will be credited with money.

What’s wrong with this imaginary situation? According to the Department of Justice, it’s not legal.

Thousands of gaming web sites operate offshore, beyond the grasp of American regulation.

Internet casinos have already existed for nearly ten years, and the latest increase in the popularity of poker has spurred their growth. Keith Furlong, deputy director of Interactive Gaming Council, claims that an industry trade organization situated in Canada, Internet casinos will attract around 10 billion dollars this year, with U.S. players ponying up 60 to 65 per cent of that.

A few American states have passed laws banning Internet gambling, however no federal law particularly addresses it. Instead, the federal government relies mostly on the Wire Wager Act in order to prosecute Internet casino operators.

Under this act, people running businesses who accept bets via a “wire communication facility” confront fines and imprisonment. The act was designed to restrain the use of the telephone to accept bets.

Critics of online gambling are quick to observe that the act was prepared in 1961 – long before the Internet. They question whether the law applies to Internet gambling or not. Moreover, they insist Internet gambling is a gray area at best. Nevertheless, the Justice Department is stubborn that online gambling is not legal. And in 2000, it effectively prosecuted American Jay Cohen, part owner of the World Sports Exchange in Antigua.

Since the year 2002, the Justice Department has pressured media companies to pull advertisements for Internet gambling. Clear Channel, the country’s biggest radio company, ceased airing adverts for Internet casinos that year, and other conventional media companies have followed suit.

Other organizations that have already been under the pressure of the Justice Department are banks. A lot of them refuse credit-card transactions from Internet casinos. Bank One, which h merged lately with JPMorgan Chase, belongs to this group.

‘[That’s] due to the great probability of fraud,” explained Mary Jane Rogers of Bank One. “Bank One may limit transactions which appear to be online gambling.” She also says that the bank can not always tell that a charge is from a casino.

Some other methods of payment are also becoming scarce. PayPal ceased processing payments for gaming in 2002. That left only a few lesser-known escrow agents cooperating with the casinos.

Gambling in Online Casinos

A Professor teaching clinical and community psychology at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has published a report for the Department of Trade and Industry quoting what he thinks will be the effect of relaxed gaming regulations and Internet casinos.

According to the professor, the government has not paid sufficient attention to the effect that gambling and Internet casinos will have on the community in general. He claims that the greater the availability the greater the problems it will bring about.

Since 2005, when the Gambling Act has been passed by the government, it has made new forms of gaming like betting by means of mobile phones and Blackberries, via televisions and on the internet in online casinos much more available and hence more probable to encourage gambling addiction.

The professor is also convinced that the most harmful form of betting will be spread sheet betting where players can bet on financial markets and the results of sporting events. This sort of betting has the most devastating effect due to the fact that the player may experience huge losses in comparison wit the amount of money wagered.

In the past several years, the British government has always been strict in terms of regulating the gaming industry, however the legalization of various forms of gambling including Internet casinos came when the responsibility was moved from the Home Office, where gambling was treated as a potential hazard to the person, to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Currently this move has been made, the gambling and Internet casinos industry is at present a leisure activity.

This new legislation has made it possible for many new casino resorts to open up throughout the United Kingdom and Internet casinos are now legal. According to the report, these laws will make gaming a common every day action due to the fact that gambling machines with high jackpots and unlimited stakes will be available throughout the country. Adding to these latest kinds of playing are bingo and casino games that are obtainable round the clock.

According to estimates, the annual turnover of gambling and Internet casinos will reach £53 billion ($98 billion US). Currently, there are 140 casinos in the United Kingdom and 670 bingo clubs. It is unknown how many Internet casinos are used by British players. There are 8,000 sports betting shops and 250,000 gambling machines. The recent Gambling Act will allow seventeen new land-based casinos and many more Internet casinos.

In 2004 it was estimated that 2 per cent of the citizens had played at Internet casinos and the concern is that these online casinos could create up to 750,000 problem gamers in the United Kingdom.

The online casinos industry is convinced that by means of regulating the practice, troubles can be more easily monitored and coped with such as underage and problem gambling.

Internet casinos have been walking through a rough patch because of the regulations in the United States trying to being passed however despite this the Internet casinos industry is on the increase and more and more individuals are playing on the Internet than ever before.